Go Bottlesless and Avoid the Scam

Go Bottleless and Avoid the Scam

Advertisements for bottled water have led us to believe that the water from the sink is deadly poisonous and tastes like feet.  Maybe that is an exaggeration but based on the advertisements, we are told that bottled water is cleaner than tap and therefore healthier.  The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) did a four year test and found that not only were some bottles not cleaner than normal tap but also contained harmful substances.  The bottle itself may even be harmful.

Smart Water’s advertisement has a celebrity spokesperson, Jennifer Aniston, and the message is that we are “smart” consumers if we choose this kind of water.  Also it helps that a toned, half-naked Jennifer Aniston is getting our attention.  How smart is bottled water?

Based on the NRDC testing some bottled water companies are skating by the weak federal limits but not adhering for the state standards of bottled water testing.  The federal government regulates our drinking water from the tap more than bottled water companies.

The good news is that the tested bottles did not contain E. Coli, an extremely harmful bacteria.  Most bottles were comparable to tap water, not necessarily better.  However, the testing was expensive and bottles could not be tested extensively.  Only 1,000 bottles were tested.

Eight percent of the bottles from California contained a small level of arsenic, a known poison and carcinogen.  One sample contained chloroform and another had elevated nitrates.  Both could cause cancer.  At least three of the bottles had high contamination.

The chart below also shows the possibility of bacteria growing the longer a bottle is sitting in storage.  The bottle itself may lead to sickness.

Bottled Water Chart

Those who are elderly, sick or children are safer to drink boiled tap water.  Why not try a home filtration system or a Bottleless Water Cooler?  You can take out chlorine, lead and other contaminants and enjoy water in a glass.

Sited from NaturalChoiceWater.com