Take a closer look at where that bottled water is really from..

I preach all the time the inconvenience of 5 gallon bottled waters, but what about the fact that your small bottled water is really just filtered tap water that is insanely over priced? Recently I came across this video from Business Insider showing which companies use tap v spring water.
In reality most filtered water systems cost probably less than per day than that bottled water that you are grabbing out of your office vending machine or from the local gas station-give us a call to find out about how we can offer you unlimited, cold, filtered, water at a low monthly price!

Water Tracker?


Of course, we all hear how much water to drink daily, but who can keep up with that? Well, thanks to Apple and ITunes there are now an apps that help you log your water in take. So this summer,every time you go to the water cooler, in which we are sure you will probably grab your phone, now you can log onto your app and track your water. Some apps even focus on other beverages such as tea, coffee, wine and more! Have you tried any of these apps? Which one is your favorite? Let us know on our Facebook Page!

Java Dave’s packages 100% recyclable single serve coffees

Tulsa based Java Dave’s produces single serve coffees

Tulsa, Ok, March 1, 2016  privately held Java Dave’s Corporation a regional roaster has announced the launch of their own single serve coffees. The new single serve coffees will have many positive features such as, being able to brew in any Keurig K-cup brewer except the Keurig 2.0 machines.  Our cups are also the first on the market to be 100% recyclable. The single cup will be made with a Polypropylene 5 (PP5) the lid, filter and cup is recyclable.

K-Cup is a registered trademark of Green Mountain Coffee.  Java Dave’s Coffee has no affiliation with K-Cup.  “We are very excited to be able to produce our own line of Cups” said Mike Tiernan, Director of Licensing for Java Dave’s Coffee.  “The single cup market is growing very fast, and with our new packer we will be able to produce thousands of cups per day of our freshly roasted coffees right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Java Dave’s will begin with two of their most popular coffees, Donut House and Breakfast Blend. Towards the beginning of this summer, you can look for Snickerdelicious which is one of their most famous flavored coffees to hit the shelves, amongst many others. The single serve coffees, will be available at their corporate retail store at 6239 E. 15th Tulsa.  Java Dave’s Coffee has several independent stores throughout the United States.  Java Dave’s Executive Coffee route service will also offer the new single serve coffees.

Java Dave’s Executive Coffee Service is celebrating their 36th year of locally roasting and operating in Tulsa, Ok. Focusing on bringing coffee to all environments; Java Dave’s has grown, to become not only a coffee shop favorite, but a favorite in office, restaurant and convenient store service.  Java Dave’s has grown their office coffee and water filtration service to a four state region.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Ashley Neighbors-Massey at 800-725-7315 or email atAshley@JavaDavesCoffee.com.