About Us

 Welcome to Arctic Falls Water Filtered Water Systems

    Arctic Falls Water, a division of Java Dave’s Coffee, has been offering filtered water systems for over 25 years. When you bring one of our filtered water systems into your work environment, you ensure enjoyable drinking water for your customers and employees. Arctic Falls removes contaminants and guarantees continually pure water . With a Point of Use water system you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy water bottles or taking up valuable storage space. Eliminating bottles is the green choice, reducing your carbon footprint and increasing sustainability. Now with Arctic Falls, your office can have unlimited pure, clean drinking water at a fixed monthly rate. It’s better for the environment, it’s better for your body, and it’s better for your bottom line.

Arctic Falls has grown to become a leader of point of use commercial filtered water systems in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas. At Arctic Falls water we understand the value of customer service. We have been privately owned and operated since 1988 and we truly believe that “Service is an Attitude”. We understand that each customer has their own filtration needs and we offer it all: state of the art filtration, UV, reverse osmosis and even sparkling water.                            website water

                                                   We believe good water should be affordable

                                      No install charge- No contracts just pure clean filtered water            

 Arctic Falls provides NSF rated filters and machines to remove and reduce microorganisms, chlorine, asbestos, giardia, lead, and other contaminants.

We encourage you to watch this and learn more about the bottled water industry!